GAA sports are played throughout the Commonwealth




International sports are an integral part of life in Ireland, with Irish success seen for example in Rugby, Soccer, Golf, Athletics, Cricket, Snooker, and Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) International Rules Football. Indeed, GAA sports are represented in clubs across the Commonwealth (read more). Many sports in Ireland are organized on an all-island basis, such as Hockey, Rugby, Rowing, and Cricket. Unfortunately, as the Republic of Ireland remains outside of the Commonwealth, such all-island cooperation is not reflected in the Commonwealth Games, where only athletes from Northern Ireland can participate.


In recent years, interest has grown in bringing the Commonwealth Games to the island of Ireland. Northern Irish Sports Minister Carál Ní Chuilín has said Belfast could apply to host the Commonwealth Games following the success of the World Police and Fire Games. To learn more, please click here. In addition, the National Sports Campus in Dublin offered input towards the 2014 Commonwealth Games. To view their contribution towards the Games, please click here.


Discover Ireland, the all-island tourist body, supported the athletes from Northern Ireland who competed in the 2014 Commonwealth Games, whilst promoting that part of the island:



Ireland’s shared history with Commonwealth nations has sustained strong bonds and during the XVI Commonwealth Games, Irish act “The Corrs” entertained the Commonwealth audience with a wonderful concert of traditional and contemporary Irish music: