River Dance



Ireland is an international leader in the arts. Whether it be writers, painters, composers, musicians, dancers, or actors,  Irish creativity has enriched the world for centuries. Culture and the arts are at the heart of the Commonwealth, and opportunities abound for collaboration across nations. A wealth of annual concerts, festivals, and literary events are but some of the expressions of common bonds that serve to enhance the connections between the Commonwealth nations. In 2014, we witnessed the Commonwealth Ceilidh at Dunluce Castle, Co Antrim, during which Irish and Scottish dancing combined ahead of the Commonwealth Games. As the Republic of Ireland remains outside the Commonwealth, only dancers from Northern Ireland were represented.



The RCS offer a number of opportunities for such artistic expression, including the following:


Commonwealth Youth Orchestra

Commonwealth Writers

Commonwealth Broadcasting Association

Commonwealth Foundation

Commonwealth Arts


In recent years, renowned singer-song writer, Gary Barlow composed and performed a song with the Commonwealth Band, featuring Military Wives. This song and the subsequent music video highlight just some of the wonderful bonds that join every nation of the Commonwealth together: