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The Commonwealth, a history in common, a future in progress


Welcome to the Royal Commonwealth Society, Ireland Branch. The Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) was founded in 1868, and now represents and promotes the Commonwealth throughout the world. As a family of 53 independent nations, 32 of which are republics, the Commonwealth seeks to promote human rights, democracy and sustainable development across nations with a common history and shared values.


The Commonwealth’s population stretches over all continents and represents 2.2 billion people, approximately 30% of the world’s peoples. The RCS’s international network is a valuable source of contacts, advice, mutual support and fellowship for our members. Currently 14,000 strong and growing, the network integrates individuals, branches and regions within civil society, government and commerce who wish to support and promote the Commonwealth. To learn more about the Commonwealth, please view the following youtube videos:




To read more about the RCS, please view our leaflet. Ultimately, the Commonwealth is a family, to which Ireland retains many bonds:



The Objects of RCS Ireland are as follows:

1. Promote the increase and diffusion of knowledge respecting the peoples and countries of the Commonwealth

2. Maintain the best traditions of the Commonwealth

3. Foster unity of thought and action in relation to matters of common interest

4. Raise awareness and understanding of the Commonwealth in Ireland

5. Serve as a visible link to the Commonwealth for those living in Ireland who originate from Commonwealth countries

6. Enhance peace, reconciliation and prosperity across the island of Ireland and throughout the Commonwealth

7. Support Ireland’s re-entry into the Commonwealth, should this be the wish of the Irish people.

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